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Digital_Me – Bike Rider (2013)

Bike Rider is a musical project by Digital_Me. It’s main goal is to have a take about the experience of riding bikes on Tel-Aviv’s streets, listening to music from a portable player.

The project is divided into 4 different routs\ parts\ episodes, each refers to another part of the city, different moods, weather, scenes in everyday life etc.

The music in Bike Rider refers to the music I’m listening to while riding, music and sounds that describes riding bikes, and music and sounds about Tel Aviv. All blended in a Cut’n’paste filthy instrumental hip hop vibe.

Project Page on Tumblr

Ofer Tal- Tabacst

סקולמאסטר (רדיוטריפ, התפוחים) בשירי כיף ומצב רוח תל אביביים, משנות החמישים עד אמצע שנות השבעים, מתקליטים בלבד.