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RPS Surfers – Harake Gang (2017)

“Harake Gang” is the second LP by RPS Surfers. It is an instrumental concept album, a homage to the Hot Rod Genre, dedicated to a real motorcycle gang from the early ‘60s – The mysterious Harake Gang, who used to perform breathtaking stunts on the hot Israeli sand dunes, attracting the youth and irritating the elders.

The story is told through 13 tunes merging the traditional surf sound with some space-surf and Mediterranean vibes, replacing California beaches with those of Tel-Aviv and Bat Yam.

The album was produced by Uri Brauner Kinrot (Boom Pam, Ouzo Bazooka) and is played by the original band plus violins, tuba, synths, fuzz and opera singing, featuring many accomplished Israeli musicians.
The album released on 180gr vinyl record with a 60′s style flipback sleeve and authentic images of the Harake gang in collaboration with the Toybear and Harake labels.

CRuNCH 22 – CRuNCH 22 mess with Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (2016)

CRuNCH 22 takes a major shift from their debut album, expanding their musical breadth into a full length concept LP, based on Lewis Carroll’s masterpiece of psychedelic literature – “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”. Keeping raw groove as the core of their music, the band’s musical language now grasps some further out melodies, abstract harmonies as well as thick layers of swirling samples, influenced by musique concrète no less than it is by modern cut-n-paste turntablism.

With a minimalist lineup of drums, turntables and Fender Rhodes, the three created an album that is both abstract and beat-driven, weird but communicative, schizophrenic yet naive. The band brings forward elements of the story that have been commonly overlooked as well as reinterprets parts that are all too familiar: the upbeat fall down the rabbit-hole, the awkward lobster dance of the Mock Turtle, the crooked time of the mad tea-party – all shed a new light upon this classic story, making it as fresh as ever on its 150th anniversary.

The album is released by Tel-Aviv-based boutique label Audio Montage on an exclusive 180g limited edition vinyl, in a beautiful gatefold sleeve illustrated by street artist Jack T.M.L (Shahaf Ram)

Markey Funk – INSTINCT: A Study on Tension, Fear and Anxiety (2015)

“Only the unknown frightens men. But once a man has faced the unknown, that terror becomes the known.”
Antoine de Saint-Exupery

After 7 years of collaborations and numerous side projects, Markey Funk (Les Hippies, Mordy Laye and the Group Modular) is finally releasing his second solo album – Instinct. However, the new record is far from following the same samplecentric path, laid by its predecessor – the 2008′s (forgot the word). Instinct explores the dark corners of human consciousness in order to understand the nature of one of the most primal emotions – fear. Inspired by aesthetic of the 1970′s European crime/thriller film music, Markey created his own blend of cinematic grooves, edgy psychedelia and analogue electronics. With contributions from Gal Frenkel (vocals), Uri Mixmonster Wertheim (Kalbata & Mixmonster, tape-delay), Sagi Zax (Action! Attention!, drums), Emiko Kojima (flute), and Ran Nahimas (D.R.Y., theremin), Instinct is a colourful yet tense journey, balancing on a sharp edge between harmony and dissonance, groove and abstraction, order and chaos.

RPS Surfers – Danger Beach (2014)

Danger Beach” is the debut Album by RPS Surfers. It’s a short instrumental Mediterranean surf-rock concept album, consisting of nine original tunes, released on March 2014 digitally and on vinyl. This album describes the adventures of band members on their way to Danger Beach – a real secret and mysterious surfing spot, told through short themes that sound, as if they were taken from the mid-60′s movies.

The album was self-recorded by the band in a mobile studio built in Zohar’s Garage, yet it has a great pure and authentic sound. Some of the tracks use the traditional surf guitar-organ-drums sound, while others combine this section with traditional middle-eastern acoustic instruments such as the mandolin, accordion, darbukas, horns and violins.

Digital_Me – Bike Rider (2013)

Bike Rider is a musical project by Digital_Me. It’s main goal is to have a take about the experience of riding bikes on Tel-Aviv’s streets, listening to music from a portable player.

The project is divided into 4 different routs\ parts\ episodes, each refers to another part of the city, different moods, weather, scenes in everyday life etc.

The music in Bike Rider refers to the music I’m listening to while riding, music and sounds that describes riding bikes, and music and sounds about Tel Aviv. All blended in a Cut’n’paste filthy instrumental hip hop vibe.

Project Page on Tumblr

Left II (2013)

Left II” was recorded live in three long sweaty days. The album is a significant musical shift from the band’s debut, and captures the band’s live energy. The songs balance between a heavy sound and catchy almost poppy hooks.

Left II” was produced by Left and longtime partners Uzi Ramirez and Uri “Mixmonster” Wertheim, and released in Late 2013.

The Ramirez Brothers – Who? You! (2013)

The Ramirez Brothers‘ second studio album, present raw beats, eccentric melodies and a casual approach to life.

CRuNCH 22 – CRuNCH 22 (2013)

Straight out of the Israeli flourish groove label Audio Montage comes yet another bomb by the name of Crunch 22. Led by one of The Apples’ turntablists, Erez Todres, Crunch 22 is an eclectic power trio, built from a unique instrumental combination of Rhodes, drums & turntables. With influences deriving from funk to afrobeat, dub to jazz and rhythm&blues to drum’n'bass, Crunch 22 easily transform every concert into a party.

The first single from the album – Dimitri & Barumbi, was also released on 7″ vinyl under the Delights 45 series.

Boom Pam- MANARA and Summer Singles (2013)

After three breakthrough albums comes the fourth album of the happiest (and one of the busiest) band in Israel. They still have the ideal combination of surf rock with Balkan music, and on this album they add the Jewish kind of spaghetti westerns sound and a touch of psychedelic Mediterranean with a modern twist. The album is divided in two- the first part was recorded in the gym of kibutz Manara with two of their talented friends- Kutiman and Eyal Talmudi. Together they made a six tracks project with covers of old hits of their musical and cultural fathers. All that weekend was documented and photographed from dozens of angles, while Ram Matza (video artist) and Kutiman projected psychedelic videos on the band.

The second part has the bands hit singles from the past two years that were never heard before on one CD. One of them is a unique cover for the legendry “Black Dog” of “Led Zeppelin”, which was made with Carolina (one of the most famous Israeli singers).

Mordy Laye and the Group Modular – The Mystery of Mordy Laye (2012)

After the success of Les Hippies’ debut sitar-beat 7inch, here comes the new release from Markey Funk:

“The Mystery of Mordy Laye” is a collaboration between Markey and Mule Driver (Ak-Duck/Los Jubilee), based on lost recordings from 30-odd years ago, that were recently discovered on the outskirts of Jerusalem. The album is a combination of raw funk grooves, cinematic psychedelia and analogue electronics. Its sound is deeply rooted in 1960′s electronic records, 1970′s Italian thriller soundtracks and a fine tradition of library music labels, such as Peer International, Telemusic and KPM.