V.A – Mediterranean grooves and raw sounds (2011)

Big bass, heavy drum breaks, chunky guitars and a swirling moog, roaring trombones, cheeky trumpets, horny saxophones, a surfing tuba and a sousaphone: welcome to the Israeli funk scene!

In the last decade, bands in Israel have started to get down and play some dirty sounds that were never heard here before. The scene has been building up steam and gaining international recognition. Jazz trained musicians have taken their jams to the stage and begun improvising music you can dance to. As the crowds got bigger and interest grew, recordings of new Israeli grooves came to life, and a new breed of young musicians digging it started giving some competition to more established bands.  Many of the acts presented in this compilation took their thing abroad to rock out crowds in Europe and the US.

Tel-Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa’s nightlife has never been more interesting, and the warm sounds of deep funk became the standard at many venues. DJ’s at bars and clubs  started  digging deeper into rare grooves and bizarre syncopations, and in the freestyle spirit took a wide perspective on groove, mixing everything from calypso and jazz to break-beat and nu-skool electronica. Vinyl culture is still flourishing in Israeli bars,  clubs, record stores and flea markets

Nu-soul and new funk have become very big lately all around the globe, and Israel is no different. People want to put on their dancing shoes and listen to real music played by real musicians. This is not only the soundtrack of urban Tel Aviv: this music is essential in the ever-growing b-boys scene, and has also become the unofficial background music for jugglers all over the country.

This compilation album is the first effort to put together DJ-friendly and dance floor oriented tracks made in Israel. A collection of 20 raw grooves, tracks and songs that represent an eclectic and dynamic scene, it is sophisticated but still keeps it funky. Most of the tunes here are issued for the first time, or have never been distributed outside of Israel.  The artists, with no big label or record companies involved, produced ALL tracks independently.

Most of the musicians and bands participating in this compilation live and work in the vibrant neighborhood of south Tel Aviv, where there are literally hundreds of rehearsal and recording studios, as well as bedroom studios.  There are countless bars where live music is played and DJ’s spin daily, a dozen small clubs as well as big venues for massive parties and concerts. But the best place to party is of course at street parties on holidays, private parties on the roof, and parking lot raves.

I hope you enjoy the tracks on this album just as much as the musicians and producers had fun making them.

Ofer “schoolmaster” Tal,

Tel-aviv Jaffa, 2011

This compilation is dedicated to the eternal memory of Solange Raulston, 20.7.1976 – 13.12.2009

Produced and Compiled by Ofer Tal

Edited and Mastered by Uri Wertheim

Executive Production by Zack Bar

Album Artwork by Daniele Weinberg

Front cover photo by Ben Palhov

PR by Moran Paz



Special thanks to the bands and musicians who are part of this compilation and made it happen, Dan Basman, Moran Paz, Boaz Murad, Danielle Weinberg, Anova Music, Koliphone – Azulay Brothers, Yoram Arbel.

Thanks – Daddy, Rafi and everyone @ Hi-Fidelity, Ben Palhov, Netta Bar, Boaz Tock, Rony Oron, Fred, Noam Wertheim, Walter E Frog, Kalbata, Markey Funk, Lior Rahmani and everyone @ 106FM Kol HaCampus, Ori Bankhalter, Leon Feldman, Yaniv Tzadik, Shimon @ Comfort13, Itay Mautner, Gal Eilam and everyone @ Humus Abu Dubi, Amir Egozy, Nathan Brand.

1. Boom Pam – Sabale

2. BTA – Hijazz Chaser (UBK Remix)

3. Kutiman – Losing It (Featuring Karolina)

4. Radio Trip – Computers Singing (Alfomega Remix)

5. The Apples – Thang

6. The Koliphones – Voyage to the Sun

7. Les Hippies – Soleil Couchant

8. Uzi Navon & Acquaintances

9. The Ramirez Brothers – Cactus

10. Soulico – Today Funk

11. Yoram Arbel – Tni Li Hizdamnut

12. Funk’n'stein – Black Road Funk

13. Marsh Dondurma – Tosha Baritosha (Edit)

14. Radio Trip Vs. Boom Pam – Hashish

15. Lehakat Tzlilei Ha’Oud – Ne’imat Pop Oud

16. Shmemmel – Apple Sauce (Edit)

17. Uzi Ramirez – Girl Don’t lie

18. B&B – Say what?! (Edit)

19. Karolina – Shuv im Atzmi (Extended Version)

20. Audio Montage All-Stars – Glitch Hope (Edit)

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