CRuNCH 22 – CRuNCH 22 mess with Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (2016)

CRuNCH 22 takes a major shift from their debut album, expanding their musical breadth into a full length concept LP, based on Lewis Carroll’s masterpiece of psychedelic literature – “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”. Keeping raw groove as the core of their music, the band’s musical language now grasps some further out melodies, abstract harmonies as well as thick layers of swirling samples, influenced by musique concrète no less than it is by modern cut-n-paste turntablism.

With a minimalist lineup of drums, turntables and Fender Rhodes, the three created an album that is both abstract and beat-driven, weird but communicative, schizophrenic yet naive. The band brings forward elements of the story that have been commonly overlooked as well as reinterprets parts that are all too familiar: the upbeat fall down the rabbit-hole, the awkward lobster dance of the Mock Turtle, the crooked time of the mad tea-party – all shed a new light upon this classic story, making it as fresh as ever on its 150th anniversary.

The album is released by Tel-Aviv-based boutique label Audio Montage on an exclusive 180g limited edition vinyl, in a beautiful gatefold sleeve illustrated by street artist Jack T.M.L (Shahaf Ram)

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