Radio Trip

radio trip are  : Ofer Tal aka Schoolmaster and Uri Wertheim aka Mixmonster

both born 1974, based in Tel Aviv, Israel
started collecting vinyls records at young age. mostly attracted by black rhythms, weird sounds and off main-stream music that was produced prior to their birth date but still sounds fresh.
in 1999 started experimenting with sampling and cutting loops from their huge record collection.
these experiments turned into 2 albums, released in their own label (Audio Montage): “now what you here is not a test” (2001) and “music heads”(2006) which was also released on Jalapeno records/UK in 2007.
in 2002, uri &ofer ,together with some of the best Israeli jazz-funk musicians, formed The Apples.
the band released 4 albums in Freestyle records/UK and has been touring regularly in the UK, for the the last 4 years.
always looking for joy, honesty and excitement in music, the guys have also been producing for other artists and kept on DJing in Israel as well as in the UK and Berlin, vinyl only.

few years ago, digging deep into their own roots they found out about a jaffa based independent records company called Koliphone, own by a Moroccan family (Azulay), that immigrate to Israel in 1949 and started producing musicians, that came to the young country from north Africa and the middle east, and were Struggling to make their voice heard.
during three decades the Azulays released hundreds of records starting with folk-ish sound and advanced into the 70’s with electrified and psychedelic sound.
this was for Uri and Ofer like finding a diamond in their own back yard, and became an Obsession.  they started collecting information as well as the music, telling this story in lectures, radio shows etc. and playing this music in parties (hafla style).

Released on Audio Montage: