Left are a Garage-Blues Power duo, consisting of Asaf Leizerovitz (Guitar, Vocals) and Roy “Shepherd” Chen (Drums, Vocals) based in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Left’s music is a blend of bluesy guitar riffs, fragile vocals and energetic drumming that creates hypnotic melodies over a wall of raw sound. This raw sound is a mixture of Leizerovitz’s personal lyrics and unique voice with Roy Chen’s thundering lo-fi drumming.

Left was founded by Asaf Leizerovitz in 2009 as a recording project, produced by Uzi Ramirez and Uri “Mixmonster” Wertheim (The Apples). After the recruiting of drummer Gal Shiloach, the album “Here for Now” was recorded analogically over 3 days in November 2009. Leizerovitz and Shiloach began performing shortly after the recording session and toured intensively, across Israel, building a large and loyal following from show to show.

During the next 3 years Left preformed non stop at local venues as well as large festival stages (“Indnegev”,”Groove Festival” etc). The band collaborated on stage with many local talents, one collaboration, with the live-electronic duo 3421, grew into a massive joint single  “Take over my soul” released in 2012. After touring the U.S. west coast in mid 2012, Left returned home to record their sophomore album “Left II”.

In early 2013, Shiloach moved to New York and Leizerovitz took the time and completed “Left II”. Soon after Roy Chen (Megason, Malox) joined the band adding his Metal influence to the mix. Now, recharged, the duo are planning their first european tour in late 2013 and the release of “Left II”. The album’s 13 powerful and soulful rock songs are due for a much anticipated October release.

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Tell Me (First single from Left II)

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I’m So Sorry

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3421XLeft – Takeover My Soul

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