Markey Funk

Musician/producer/DJ/turntablist/crate-digger and music-archivist Markey Funk is a staple of the Jerusalem underground music scene. Starting off as a hip-hop and funk DJ, his musical palette has grown constantly wider and deeper, embracing everything between folk, psychedelia and early electronic and library music. His dedication and vision has taken him from producing bedroom beats into collaborations with some of Israel’s leading hip-hop and funk artists, such as Sagol 59 (J-Dub records), BangLaDeath, Coolooloosh and his close-knit friends Radio Trip (whom he remixed for Jalapeno records), as being The Apples‘ permanent support DJ on their live shows.
While being famous for his explosive soul-funk-psych-groove DJ-sets, he’s also known as a freak of 1960′s style, cinema and counter-culture – a topic on which he runs his monthly film-and-music events at “Uganda” (Jerusalem) and also writes in local subculture magazine “Af”. From 2006 till the end of 2010 he was hosting two shows on Mt. Scopus Radio in Jerusalem – “Soul Power” and “Mirrorland”. He also hosted a bi-weekly show on Teder.FM, called “Cross Continental Record Raid” and is one of the constant contributors to Kol haCampus’ “Mixtape” program.
After finishing his debut sampladelic solo album “(forgot the word)”, Markey focused on working with live musicians, which led to collaborations with Yehonathan Shlomo, Kobayashi Porcelain, Guvibosch, Total Reboot and Shira Z. Carmel. At the same time he developed and performed a few times his solo four-turntable shows.
Most recently he’s been regularly organizing concept parties at “HaKatze” bar, supporting DJ’s of Jerusalemite bass collective “Dub El Wad” with his turntablism skills, performing live with Audio Montage All-Stars and, off course, working hard on a new music, that is about to be released later this year.

Released on Audio Montage: