TREE is a psychedelic blues band, uniqe in the Israeli scene.

The quartet is made of Nave Koren (Drums), Dor Koren(Bass & Vocals), Ben Golan (Guitar & Vocals) and Yair Vermut (Organs & Vocals). Their powerful sound and live performances have spread the word within zeppelin/floyd/dead fans for the last 5 years. Inspired by oriental classics, rocknroll from the bay area and all around the world.

TREE are taking these back to their natural habitat in the middle east with their own original creations. Their sound is sometimes jazzy, sometimes raw, allways moody and energetic.

Their concerts in Tel-Aviv and all over Israel are becoming legendary,

Long improvisation makes its way in and out of songs,

Songs turn to improvisation and so much more,

As TREE has set a reputation of never playing twice the same show, with their ever-growing crowd attending to every gig. The fans know to expect the unexpected, and travel together with TREE in their colorful musical trip. After releasing an impressive (and a sell-out) EP two years ago, TREE released their full-of-magic debut album on the 21-22.1.11,

Two days, Two concerts of soul-manifesting & mind blowing experience.

TREE‘s album is now selling all over Israel & slowly touching overseas,

The album contains their musical craftsmanship at its best,

But for all of those who never saw TREE live, it is a voyage of a lifetime.

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