The duo was established in 2007 by Eyal Talmudi (Oy Division, Balkan Beat Box) and Hagai Fershtman (Monotonix), two huge hard core virtuosos with international scale performers.

MALOX’s music derives from around the world with various local interpretations; direct and aggressive, befitting to both musicians who operate on the stitch of old-new, premeditated -improvised and beautiful – ugly.

It all started when the two found some free time between touring, and recorded the debut album titled “One Day”
Combining Punk style presentation with the challenging melodies, rhythms and styles, the album provides fascinating twists and creating new bounced-troublesome sounds.

The second album, “Polka for Punks”, features 10 tracks with more of a club-punk attitude. In this version of MALOX the music expends to outer space and deals with larger verity of original tunes scented with eclectic folk. This time you can even participate in a
“HUMAN-KLINGON” wedding celebration.

Talmudi redefines saxophone playing. His instrument is as loud and cracked as a distorted guitar, hectic and wild like a predator, and sometimes melodic and romantic like a “Gondolier”.
On the drums, Fershtman brings a powerful bit and a slashing rhythm in a unique mixture of Punk and Free Style. Watching them closely on stage, one can experience an electrifying feeling of vitality and happiness.

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The debut album “One Day” was recorded in VIBROMONK studios by Dani Shatzky in N.Y.C and released on June 2007.
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The second album “Polka for Punks” was recorded, mixed and co-produced by Tamir Muskat (Balkan Beat Box) with Malox in Tel-Aviv, and expected to be released by spring 2012.

From the press

“…Talmudi and Fershtman playing with relish: slowing the pace to a blousy kind crawl, and speed up without warning. Moralistic murderous drums with polished and cracked saxophone sound. .. original pieces feverish creative mind of Talmudi…. Brilliant album”.
{Ben Shalev, Haaretz 22.9.2007}

“An experimental electric sound to the adventurer’s walker”…
{Sharon Arieli, walla, 27.8.2007}

Concert review:

“Talmudi and Fershtman prove that Saxophone-Drums duo can be as intensive as a rock band. Talmudi rules the stage like a preacher releasing passionate fanfares while Fershtman creates an underground rhythmic turbulence…”
{Ben Shalev, Haaretz, 19.10.2007}

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