CRuNCH 22 is an eclectic trio which explores the musical boundaries held together by its unique instrumental combination: Rhodes (Tomer Baruch), Drums (Dan Mayo) and Turntables (Erez Tores).

As part of the Israeli groove scene, CRuNCH 22 is considered to be the mischievous band who steals the show – you can catch them flying between Funk to Afrobeat, Dub to Jazz and Rythem & Blues to Drum’n'Bass .

In 2012 CRuNCH 22 have participated in Israel’s most important Indie festivals, including: ”Ye’arot Menashe”, “inDnegev”, ”M.A.D.Music” and “Central Bus Station Festival”; and performed in various venues, parties and radio programs. In September 2013 they will go on their first international tour after have been invited to play in “Waves” festival in Vienna.

CRuNCH 22′s first album was released at July 2013, along side a limited edition 7″ vinyl, on audio montage’s series “Delights 45″.

Released on Audio Montage: